Amsterdam Data Center

The data center is located in the center of the Netherlands just 70KM outside of Amsterdam, safe outside terrorist risk area, have 800m2 floor space with 200m2 office space on a 1800m2 private territory..

Our presence in Amsterdam Data Center allows us to provide the services of Cloud server, backup, disaster recovery and geographic redundancy through an infrastructure based of several Hypervisor and in our case we chose the HP Blade Server with the latest Xeon processors connected with 10 Gbps iSCSI protocol with multiple SANs with SSDs.

Our entire infrastructure is monitored by our technicians 24/7 using, for Intelligent Hands operations, technicians physically present in the Data Center.

The IP network

The Data Center provides a multi-homed IP transit, low-latency network fully redundant with multiple 100 Gbs paths (by MRV DWDM OptiDriver) with more important providers connectivity, including:

  • Relined
  • Eurofiber
  • Unet
  • KPN

  • The Data Center also have direct fiber connection to Amsterdam and Germany, our clients can use the best of both worlds.

    Power supply

    • Supply 2 MW
    • Secondary power supply
    • UPS N+2(ABB)


    • Air conditioning units in @N+1 redundancy
    • 2nd generation DX in enclosed air system.
    • Cold Corridor System

    Fire Fighting system

    • Certified Enterprise-class fire detection
    • Certified Enterprise-class suppression fire
    • Certified Enterprise-class prevetion installation
    • VESDA system


    • 24/7 camera monitoring and recording
    • 24/7 intrusion detection with real-time reporting to human NOC
    • Security contro center and surveillance security company
    • Territory is protected with a iron fence with 10.000 volts.
    • Two-factor access by personal access pass card + biometric fingerprint reader or access pin code