Snapshot on our Cloud Servers

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During latest months we have been working very hard to let available one of the most required, useful functionalities to manage a Cloud Server, Snapshot

Generically, Snapshot is capture of the state of an object at a particular point in time.
In computer science is a state of the system at a given time, a phase of work that you want to “stop” in case you are not sure about changes you are going to do.


As said, now Snapshots are available for our Cloud Servers located in London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Singapore; you can perform and manage them in autonomy, through Customer Area easily and intuitively, besides first 15 GB are totally free.

Below all funcionalities ready to be used

Creating manually Snapshots
You can take a manual snapshot of the server.


Setting automatic snapshots 
A backup is automatic scheduled every day.
Snapshots scheduling

You can perform scheduled snapshots every x days, weeks, months, years, setting a rotation of the same


Creating a template from one snaphot.
You can create a template (to keep saved) to replicate the server 


How to use Snapshots

  • Full image backup of server
  • Cloning a server
  • Roll Back in case of problems related to updates
  • Creating a template to use for a future deployment

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