Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreements, abbreviated SLA, are the instruments through which the quality of service that must be met by a supplier is define. BlueiTech knowing well the importance of the provided solutions to its customers, ensures the level of its services. BlueiTech guarantees Uptime, on a monthly basis, of connection between the Internet and Data Centers, according to the Guaranteed Level indicated in each service and verifiable, in real time, through the following graphs:

Uptime Report for Milan, Italy: Last 30 days
Uptime Report for Amsterdam: Last 30 days
Uptime Report for Dublin, Ireland: Last 30 days
Uptime Report for London, Great Britain: Last 30 days
Uptime Report for Paris, France: Last 30 days
Uptime Report for Los Ageles, California: Last 30 days
Uptime Report for Dallas, Texas: Last 30 days

In case availability of the network will be lower than guaranteed level, the customer is entitled to a refund of monthly fee corresponding to the period of non-availability.

The lack of availability on the Internet caused by one of the following factors will not have to be considered as non availability: (i) Customer's applications or software located on server or introduced by the Client on the server, (ii) hardware errors on the server; (iii) acts or omissions of Customer or any person or user of the service authorized by Customer, (iv) computer hacking, introduction of viruses or other programs that are not compatible, (v) scheduled maintenance, defined as maintenance carried out in the shortest time to load the Service in order to minimize the disruption, or maintenance performed after notification to the customer with 24 hours in advance; (vi) any event or circumstance out of the reasonable control of BlueiTech, including events of Force Majeure or failure of the carrier's network of Telecommunications.

Refund requests must be received not later than 7 days from when happened by fax at 0393309902 or by email at What above constitutes the sole remedy available for customer in relation to the unavailability of the Service, including any incident that has limited to reach the guaranteed level; payment of the refund will have to be in full and complete settlement of liability coverage BlueiTech for the non-availability of services used by the customer.