Housing e Colocation

Housing & Colocation proposed by BlueiTech consists of a series of dedicated solutions that can accommodate hardware and applications in our data center, where you can have a support skilled staff and an Internet connection with performance and reliability at the highest levels.

Our service of Housing and Colocation is for who want an even higher standard. We host your server on our infrastructure, but we also provide to manage it following strict Service Level Agreement (SLA), getting the advantage of being able to use elsewhere and more efficiently your IT resources.

Space starting from a single server until the full rack.

power supply

Single power supply or redudant


Connectivity Burstable or Metered

Public IP

Assigning public IP addresses on request


Access to Data Center


Optional services of Managed Firewall and Data Backup, thus you can forget security aspect of your equipment.

Intelligent hands

Service allowing you to do any operations on your server / equipmentby one of our data center operator.

Monitoring e DNS

Optional services to monitor your equipment and DNS services