Data Center di Milano

The Data Center is located within the Caldera Technology Campus which is the most important Internet Italian hub handling more than 80% of the italian data traffic, it is the headquarter of MIX, the main Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of the internet italian network. The services suppllied from this location are Server dedicati, Housing, Web hosting e Cloud server.

The IP network

The data room has two links in Gigabit/s to the network of KPNQwest Italy SpA, consisting of multiple connections to international carriers and a direct connection in Gigabit to MIX Milan.

Power supply

  • 2 power lines with separate paths
  • 1 backup external generator with tank placed in containers N + 1
  • UPS @ N+1


  • 1000W/m2
  • Control systems to keep rooms temperature between 20°C and 25°C and humidity between 40% and 60%

Fire Fighting system

    The system is realized by a system for eliminating gas, mainly based on FM 200 or Inert55 (mixture of nitrogen and argon). Sensors for smoke detection and high temperature, installed above and below the floor.


  • Electronic systems for access control
  • Security staff, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Cameras inside the Data Centre
  • Access procedures strictly fixed. .