New Supermicro Dedicated Server, Power at a light cost

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We doubled RAM since the EntryLevel configuration, more power at the same cost …


Dedicated Server service allows to rent a server entirely dedicated to a single customer. BlueiTech uses quality server rack of the major vendors such as Dell and SuperMicro or HP, which ensures the use of the latest components for ther best reliability and life.

The hardware components are checked by means of special tools and any replacements in case of failure are at BlueiTech’s charge, according to the specifications indicated in the Service Level Agreement.

Customer will have full control of the system and he is responsible for the systemistic part. BlueiTech techies are at your disposal to study with you ad hoc solutions, and can suggest you about the best hardware features for your needs.

If you need to know further features,please visit our page where other configurations are available:

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