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Website and Server security is a very important topic for us. We cannot ignore the fact that 43%+ of all malicious cyber-attacks are targeting small and medium-sized businesses and 90k websites are hacked every single day. Black hats never sleep and it’s our responsibility to address those challenges in an efficient and effective way.

As a result, we’re notifying you today that we will automatically update all Plesk Onyx instances to the latest version of Plesk Onyx 17.8 starting next month. This is important because only Plesk Onyx 17.8 contains the latest security patches as well as important features such as GDPR compliance and more.

Which servers are affected?


How does it work?

Plesk administrators will receive an in-product update notification informing them about the upcoming update. Plesk admins can choose between DIY or the automatic server update initiated by Plesk. Whichever option you and your customer choose, there’s definitely enough time to implement a daily back-up strategy. We’ve actually been running this auto-update process since April this year and started with our retail customer base. We are very pleased with the results so far and are therefore now rolling it out to our valued Channel Partner base. You can find more details about the entire process as well as further background information why we’re switching to auto-updates in the Plesk Forum and this blog post.


As of next month, we will start executing auto-updates step-by-step in conjunction with the Plesk release tiers and we’ll begin with all Plesk instances that are set to ‘early adopter release’:
  • Early Adopter Release – between June and July 2019
  • General Release – between July and September 2019
  • Late Adopter Release – between October and November 2019

Auto-updates will become standard functionality in the next upcoming major Plesk Obsidian release. With that said your end customers will always receive important security updates automatically in the near future and they’ll also have the latest and greatest feature sets right at their fingertips!

End of Life

Last but not least a gentle reminder that Plesk 12.x went end of life on January 1st this year. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to mitigate security risks and ensure full GDPR compliance for your customer’s benefit and upgrade them to Plesk Onyx 17.8 now?

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