BlueiTech lands on Telegram

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Now you can be updated on our main news  through the popular messaging service available on all platforms.

Telegram is a free instant messaging service, very similar to WhatsApp. Just download the app (available for free on
iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone) and active it on your phone number. It can be used from smartphones, tablets and web.
Also, it allows to perform “secret” chat and also to share with contacts, files such as documents and spreadsheets.

How to be added
You only need to type “BlueiTech” in the global search for Telegram and join our channel, recognized by our logo. Alternatively you can type the following address, click “Send Message” and then join our channel.

How does it work
You receive our up-dates in real-time (through a Instant Message classic) with the link to our website to read the article.

Just like all major messaging services you can  mute notifications simply entering the channel and clicking on “Silence”.You may reactivate it at any time.



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