Halloween: 30% OFF

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For Halloween time BlueiTech offers a 30% discount on the services of Cloud Server, Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server and Hosting for the first month and without any obligation of renewal, using the following coupon code:


Cloud Server
Cloud server is a real server with guaranteed hardware parameters and it is made using fully redundant architecture

Cloud VPS
When a shared hosting space is not enough, and a cloud server or a dedicated server solutions are too expensive for your project, Cloud VPS can be a good compromise

Dedicated Server
Dedicated server service allows to rent a server entirely dedicated to a single customer, BlueiTech uses quality server rack of the major vendors, which ensures the use of the latest components for the best reliability and life.

The web hosting service allows you to host all the files making a site on a server. The ultimate goal is to make your site visible in the network

(* Promotion is valid until 11/03/14, only for new customers, renewal costs will be shown on the website)

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