Many thanks

The recent work done by our staff to have expanded our presence in Milan even in the Data Center at the Caldera Technology Campus requires, with no doubt, approval and thanks. Everybody worked ​​unconditionally for this goal to be achieved in the best way and without any delay.

Special thanks to Luca, Stephen and Stefano who worked “in the field” - day and night - feeding only junk-food and earning the title of Techies-Zombies

Also, thanks to Data Center techies, due to their availability and their support, we were allowed to work in peace carrying out the work as “planned”

I would like to thank all our customers who have patiently endured some discomfort due to the migration and that, aware of the enormous commitment this activity requires, contacted us expressly for compliments ….. much appreciated by all of us!!!

Mattia Pacifico


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