Parallels Plesk 12

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The four new Parallels Plesk 12 editions are designed to help infrastructure providers create targeted solutions for web administrators, application developers, web professionals, and hosting service providers.

Each edition simplifies core web management activities to align with the way infrastructure is being used for hosting websites and web applications today. Parallels Plesk 12 also includes a tightly integrated set of mass-management and security tools that can be used to profit from the growing demand for WordPress hosting.

All editions have added built-in server-to-site security, leading to more reliable infrastructure and reduced support costs. Use the table below to compare what’s included in each Parallels Plesk 12 edition.



* The Security Core with ModSecurity is only supported on the Linux OS at this time. Support for the Windows OS will be added when ModSecurity is officially supported on IIS by the ModSecurity developers.


With Parallels Plesk 12, it’s easy to sell servers as a solution by highlighting the features that matter the most to each target audience.


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